The story of a woman speaking about the victims of the bombing and shelling of the city of Shali from January 6-13, 2000

The recording is in Russian

Place of interview: Republic of Ingushetia

Interview date: likely March 2000

The woman left the city of Shali on January 13, 2000. Prior to leaving, she had hoped to wait out the active phase of the hostilities at home. In addition, traveling on the roads during this time was unsafe. However, following three episodes of bombing and rocket attacks which had resulted in civilian casualties, she was forced to move to Ingushetia.

The first of the three episodes mentioned above was the bombardment of Shali, which, according to the woman, occurred during the night of January 6-7. On that day, a plane flew over Shali and dropped a bomb, which killed 15 people from one family, 11 from another family and 10 from a third one. All of these victims had been neighbours who lived in adjacent houses and had decided to seek refuge in the basement of one of the houses which had thick walls. The bomb had fallen directly on this house. The majority of those who were killed were women and the elderly. Among the victims were also people who had suffered from disabilities.

The second episode relates to a missile strike in the city center on January 9, 2000. According to the interviewee, the attack had occurred on a Sunday and had not resulted in any victims.

The third episode relates to bombing which occurred on January 12, 2000. The woman describes how on that day, following the bombing, her brother had participated in the funerals and that 62 graves were dug in the cemetery. In total, according to the interviewee, up to 84 people were killed that day in the city.